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Weekday Evening Opportunities

Sunday Morning Classes

United Methodists Women

Six different fellowship circles for women of different ages meet at a variety of times throughout the month for study, fellowship and mission engagement.



Begins Wednesday, September 10
Wednesdays, 6pm - Dinner, 7pm - Study

Feed your mind and soul with the Learning Pillar as they offer a weekly community dinner and classes. A chef-prepared dinner will be served at 6pm followed at 7pm with your choice of two classes: either a Bible study led by Rev. Charlie Parker and Bob Olson, or a topical short course. Short courses will focus on diverse subjects such as prayer, understanding Islam, Christian ethics, the history of the United Methodist Church, and the life and work of C.S. Lewis, and much more. Both the Bible study and the short courses will re-start (with a different book of the Bible or a different topic) at the beginning of each month, so you will have many study options. Check back soon for menus and course listings! For more information, contact Rev. Janet Craswell, Director of Christian Education.

Leadership Development Training

Enriching the Soul Through Leadership Development

Check back for upcoming classes. Taking on a church leadership role can be a sacred calling — an opportunity to serve God and one another by applying our talents to some aspect of the work in which the church is engaged. When we consent to teach a class, serve on or chair a committee, or organize a one-time or on-going effort, we are assuming a leadership role.

What inspires us to perform such a role can vary — and can be deeply personal. How well we succeed in this role, however, often depends on how well we inspire those whom we’ve been asked to lead. Yet good leadership skills come not from being blessed with charisma, but rather from developing a set of tools that enable a leader to foster cooperation, creativity, and commitment among his or her team. By marshaling these strengths, groups are able to effectively perform such tasks and achieve larger objectives.

Sunday Morning Classes

Parenting and Pastries

Held in the Vestry: A Drop-in Option for Parents, this class is designed for parents with children in Sunday school. The class will solicit questions parents face in their own parenting and encourage discussion with the group. In addition, leaders will seek out curriculum as needed addressing those issues. Parents will be invited to take turns bringing the pastries. For more information, contact Barbara Green, Minister of Life Transitions.

The Gospel and the News

Held in the Library: This casual adult Sunday school class focuses on specific “Good News” current events - with relation to Christian and Biblical theology. There are good and Godly things going on in the world, but they don’t usually make the headlines, and don’t typically grab our attention. This class looks beyond the headlines for positive stories and perspectives. Class discussion and sharing of opinions will be encouraged. No prep or homework required. Drop in for a few minutes, hang around for an hour, come every week, or whenever you would like. For more information, contact Jon and Lisa White.

Bible Plus Class

Held in the Christie Room: A diverse, small group fellowship which studies the Bible and other literature in order to grow in faith, strengthen our devotion to God, and serve others. For more information, contact Debbie Gustowski

Questions of Faith

Held in the Conference Room: This group addresses issues of personal faith development and current trends in Christian thought, as well as social and ethical issues in light of the Christian faith. Newcomers are welcome. For more information, contact Diane Moody.

Science and Religion

Held in the Parlor: This class involves vigorous dialogue on matters of faith and “contemporary thought.” There are visitors and newcomers just about every week. For more information, contact Maynard Moore.

Great Hall Sessions

Periodically, study lectures and discussions are held in the Great Hall. Frequently, these are held as “Grounds for Discussion” in which Dr. Parker leads a discussion of his sermon for the day. For more information, contact Rev. Janet Craswell, Director of Christian Education