2019 Stewardship Campaign

At National UMC, we have a fierce conviction that what we do with our time and our money is a clear reflection of what we value, and has a profound impact on who we become.

At the heart of John Wesley’s Methodist revival was a focus on healthy giving. Wesley wanted his followers to be productive members of their society, but he was also profoundly concerned about the corrosive impact of the accumulated wealth. His solution to this paradox was this famous admonition: “Earn all you can, save all you can, and give all you can.”

All of the missions and ministries in which National UMC engages are supported by the generous giving of the members of the church and other friends and neighbors who are committed to our work. But supporting the ministries of the church is only one reason that we are asked to give. The more important reason is that our giving is one of the most powerful tools that God offers us to open up our lives to the movement of the Holy Spirit.

It is God who has chosen to give us the talents that allow us to do so many miraculous things - heal the sick, house the homeless, feed the hungry, advance scientific discovery. Our difficulty comes in believing the Bible’s assurance that if we give sacrificially, God will really provide us all we need and will do so abundantly.

There are few subjects in the Bible more often addressed than wealth and giving. Jesus dedicates one-third of the parables to money and its right place in our lives, teaching us that all we have has come to us as a gift from God.

Your support of National UMC and its ministries is a tremendous blessing.

If you have specific questions about making a gift to National UMC or one of our ministries, please contact Pam Murdoch, our Finance Coordinator. 

Option 2 - Making Electronic Transfers from your Bank

Many people have a “bill pay” option with their local bank. Using this feature, you can set up regular drafts from your account and direct them to to the church, using National UMC's name and address. Your bank will then process the transaction for you and mail a check to the church. Many banks offer the flexibility of a one-time payment or regularly scheduled payments (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.)

For more information on the “bill pay” option, please consult your local bank.

Option 3 - Making a Gift of Stock

There are several tax advantages to making donations via stock, for instance saving on the Capital Gains Tax. Please see your tax professional for more information on the benefits of making donations via stock. As a general rule, our church does not retain the stock when transferred. Instead, we try to liquidate the stock as soon as received or shortly thereafter so as to make the funds available immediately for mission and ministry.

Option 4 - Making a Planned Gift

Another option for donating to National UMC is through a planned gift utilizing a charitable trust, annuity, or bequest. This allows you to support the work of the church with your lifetime assets and ensure that your legacy of generosity continues beyond your lifetime.

National UMC’s Legacy Circle honors those who have made a legacy gift to the church. The Legacy Circle celebrates the rich history of our church and ensures our work will continue well into the future.

For information regarding a planned gift, you are encouraged to consult your personal financial or legal advisors. 

For information and support on initiating a donation of any kind, please contact Pam Murdoch, Finance Coordinator.