As we celebrate the Transfiguration of Christ, Rev. Michael Chamberlain implores us to wrestle with those things that make it difficult to hear God's voice in our lives. He grapples with the tragic implications of ignoring God's call to "listen" in the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Deuteronomy 6 : 4-6
Psalm 50: 1-6
Matthew 17: 1-9

Christopher Simon
How Can I Keep From Singing?

As our community celebrates Bruce Caviness' 40 years of Music Ministry, Rev. Chamberlain reminds us all how important music is in our worship and in our lives.

2 Chronicles 5:13
Psalm 33
Colossians 3:16

Christopher Simon
Pulling Up Stakes

Change is hard for all of us - but when does a fear of change keep us from fully being the Church? Rev. Michael Chamberlain uses the story of the Israelites running from the Egyptians to help us find new ways forward when we find ourselves on the "Back to Egypt Committee."

Exodus 14:1-14

Christopher Simon
Mind the Gap

Rev. Michael Chamberlain shares his perspective about the role of an interim pastor, and uses the story of Jacob's ladder to offer guidance for those of us living in this "gap" time. 

Genesis 28:10-19
Philipians 4:6-8


Christopher Simon
More Than You Can Imagine

Rev. Michael Chamberlain begins his tenure as Interim Senior Pastor of National UMC with a sermon challenging us to keep imagining bigger.

Psalm 62
Ephesians 3:14-21

Christopher Simon
The Power of Non-Violence

Dr. Sathianathan “Sathi” Clarke, professor of theology, culture, and mission at Wesley Seminary in Washington, DC reflects this Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend on the beatitude "blessed are the peacemakers" in a country with cultures of violence. Part 2 of our series on the separation of church and hate.

Amos 5: 21-24
Matthew 5: 1-11

Louisa Imperiale
Can You Hear Me Now?
In the first of a series on separating the message of the church from messages of hate, Rev. Janet Craswell talks about the importance of listening to each other to understand - not to attack. 

1 Samuel 1:12-17
Mark 4:23-24
Louisa Imperiale