Adult Education


Food for Thought


6pm Dinner I 7pmClass

Every Wednesday evening, you're invited to a freshly cooked, community dinner between 6pm and 7 pm. Then join us for one of two different study opportunities: a Bible study and a topical study. Both studies change monthly.

Vestry, Metropolitan Memorial Campus.

Suggested donation of $8 for dinner; College Students pay what you can.

For more information, contact Rev. Janet Craswell, Director of Christian Education.


Authentic Community

Sundays at noon

A small group for 20 and 30-somethings who desire a place to come together with their peers. The vision for "Authentic Community" is to create just that, a group that feels open enough to be genuine with one another.

Parlor, Metropolitan Memorial Campus. For more information, contact Stephanie Quammen.


Adult Sunday School Classes

10am Sundays, Metropolitan Memorial Campus


New Class: “In the Biblical Sense”  

In this new class, we explore what we know (and don’t know) about the Bible. Each month, we’ll explore a different topic – such as forgiveness, vulnerability, resilience, courage, love, sexuality, guilt, or grief – and examine what the Bible has to say about it.

Meets in the Library. For more information, contact Bob Olson.


Inspired Parenting

Open to parents with kids of all ages, this class is a safe space to share the week's parenting challenges and joys. We talk about helping keep our kids grounded and passing along lessons of our faith. It is a great place to find advice, feel affirmed, and become connected with other parents in our church community.

Meets in the Fireplace Room. For more information, contact Elizabeth Burks.


Questions of Faith

This group addresses issues of personal faith development and current trends in Christian thought, as well as social and ethical issues in light of the Christian faith. Newcomers are welcome.

Meets in the Conference Room. For more information, contact Diane Moody.


Science and Religion

This class involves vigorous dialogue on matters of faith and contemporary thought. We welcome visitors and newcomers.

Meets in the Parlor. For more information, contact Maynard Moore.