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Baptism is one of two sacraments celebrated by United Methodists. In the United Methodist Church, infant baptism is very common, but baptism is available for people of all ages.

We believe baptism is an outward sign of God’s grace and love. It is also an act of the community, as the congregation takes vows to support new believers or families as they raise their baptized children in the Christian faith.

At National UMC, we are eager and happy to welcome you into our community of faith and love. Families are encouraged to attend worship services regularly before requesting an infant baptism to make sure that National UMC is a good fit for their families. And you are encouraged to attend regularly after the baptism, so we can all fulfill the baptismal vows together!

To request an infant or child baptism, parents should complete the online baptism request form below and contact the Director of Christian Education, Rev. Janet Craswell. Parents will meet with Rev. Craswell to discuss the meaning of baptism, talk through the service, and explore the ways that National UMC can best support the family in their faith.

The morning of the baptism, families may reserve seats for extended family members and friends. Photographs may be taken before and after the worship service in the sanctuary. Worship services are live-streamed, so encourage anyone who cannot attend in person to watch the service at home! Members of the congregation are invited to greet and congratulate the family after the worship service either during the coffee hour or after the worship service.

To request an adult baptism, please contact Rev. Doug Robinson-Johnson.